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Everyday Tips To Save You Money

Spring is hiding around the corner, waiting to peek its head out, and summer isn’t too far behind. A change in weather can also mean a change in living situation. It is time for lease renewals, summer sublets, and maybe even your first apartment. Renting may be cheaper than buying, but no one said it was cheap. Having your own place involves big lifestyle changes, and with that, the need for a bigger budget. By learning to save in the easiest ways possible, your day-to-day expenses don’t have to break the bank.

It is important to stock your new bathroom, and kitchen, and well, the whole house with all your favorite brands. You can do this without spending a fortune, especially for things you didn’t even know you were going to need- like toilet cleaner and sponges.

Saving doesn’t have to involve photo books of coupons or pinterest boards on being the smartest shopper. Being savvy about your everyday purchases can be as simple as knowing where to shop and how to look for the best deals.

For the smaller necessities, stick to a store with everyday low deals, not crazy flash sales. Walgreens has thousands of products online and in stores that are marked down up to 50 percent off weekly.  A bottle of shampoo here or there might not seem like much but if you need to refill the bathroom cabinet, things can get pretty pricey. Walgreens is known for having brands that are trusted and loved for a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to save even more, try their in-house versions of all your favorite products, for the same quality, and a little extra change in your pocket.

Moving into a new place can also call for some major decorating. Making your home personal doesn’t have to stop with your necessary products, making a space look lived in and individual can be hard. Pictures are the easiest way to make your space feel homey and are the greatest accents to any shelf, wall, or coffee table.

Artwork makes any home feel brighter, but no one wants to shell out the money to hang pricey prints on the wall. Be your own Andy Warhol and cover the walls in modern prints- your photos. Shutterfly offers options to print on canvas, metal, or turn photos into wood wall art, you can create your own gallery for a fraction of the price.

For even more home accents try acrylic photo blocks, candles, and even pillows with your individual images. There is something for every room, and every photo, to fill even the emptiest of spaces with memories and conversation starters.

Moving into a new space means new memories and also calls for new spending habits. By shopping smart and using easy deals to save, you can make a new place feel like yours, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


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